Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling


Persons younger than 18 years of age are not allowed to participate in games of chance on, as regulated by the Law on Games of Chance of the Republic of Serbia.

We implement a number of safety precautions which include various checks and verification procedures with the aim of preventing persons under the age of 18 from participating in games of chance on the

We reserve the right to request verification of documents from any user and we have the right to block any account until we have obtained a satisfactory proof we were looking for.

In order to prevent misuse or abuse of someone else’s accounts, we recommend that parents install additional parental control programs and content filtering software.

Responsible gaming

Participation in games of chance should be enjoyed as a fun activity in a responsible way without facing any kind of problems. However, there is certain risk of addiction involved there, when we let the game take over the control. The consequences of such addiction can be very serious for us and for our loved ones.

If you or your family member has a problem, we can help you. Call: BELGRADE CALL CENTER (0800-110-011)

Free SOS line for problems related with pathological gambling is available on working days from 7 to 22h.

Transaction history

The Player can see all his/her transactions at any time on “HISTORY” page by clicking “Deposit history/ Withdrawal history”.

Deposit limit

If you have a gambling problem, you have an option on “Settings” page, which you can use at any time, in order to limit deposit amount on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Auto-exclude option

On “Settings” page, the Player has the possibility to activate the self-exclude option at any moment for certain period of time.

If you know someone you believe has a gambling problem and you think that that person should not have access to our site, please inform us about that by sending an email to [email protected].

We need you to send us your personal identification information, as well as the identification information of the person for whom you are requesting exclusion in your email.

Test yourself to see if you have a gambling problem

The person with a gambling problem spends a lot of time on gambling and loses a lot of money playing. This person has bad influence on others, he/she weakens or loses contact with friends and family, he/she neglects all other interests and obligations, however, he/she becomes very close with the group of people he/she gambles with; this person feels that he/she cannot control his/her behaviour and he/she often loses self-respect and develops the feeling of remorse and sometimes even becomes aggressive if he/she loses a lot of money.

The following test will show you your level of gambling addiction:

  • Have you been gambling more than usual lately?
  • Do you always make up excuses with the intention to gamble?
  • Do you keep gambling even when you start losing?
  • Have you ever missed a previously arranged meeting because of gambling?
  • Have you ever had a conflict because of gambling?
  • Are you ashamed to tell people how often you gamble?
  • Do you feel bad when you don’t gamble?
  • Do you ever gamble because you need money?
  • Have you ever gambled longer than you intended?
  • Would you gamble with the money you get in a dishonest way?
  • Do you keep gambling when you start winning?
  • Do you ever gamble in order to forget your problems?
  • Do you ever gamble because you are celebrating something?
  • Do you suffer when you don’t gamble for a longer period of time?
  • Do you ever gamble because you are bored?

If you gave a positive answer to 1 - 4 questions, there is no danger here for you; between 5 and 9 positive answers would indicate a group with certain gambling risk, so you should be careful here.

However, if the number of positive answers is between 10 and 15, you have a problem you need to deal with and solve.

You can contact one of the following institutions which deal with this problem for help:

Mental Health Institute (Institut za mentalno zdravlje)

Address: Palmotićeva 37, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

Phone: (+381) 11 3307 500


Special Hospital for Addiction Treatment (Specijalna Bolnica za Bolesti Zavisnosti)

Address: Teodora Drajzera 44, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

Phone: (+381) 11 3671 429